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What is the St. Louis Great Streets Initiative?

East-West Gateway launched the St. Louis Great Streets Initiative in early 2006 to expand the way communities think of their streets. Rather than viewing a roadway project as solely a way to move more cars and trucks faster, the goal of the St. Louis Great Streets Initiative is to trigger economic and social benefits by centering communities around interesting, lively and attractive streets that serve all modes of transportation.

The First Phase culminated in October 2006 with the Great Streets Symposium. More than 160 planners, engineers, city managers and elected officials attended the event, during which local and national experts discussed the many benefits of great streets. Great Streets not only help make attractive, interesting places but they support local economic development goals and improve quality-of-life by providing transportation choices for the entire population.

The Second Phase of the project is the development of this web-based Digital Guide, which provides planning, design and process-related recommendations for making “Great Streets” happen. In February 2007, a technical workshop was held to introduce the St. Louis Great Streets Digital Guide and to assist local communities in designing their own "Great Streets." Following the workshop, this web manual became publicly accessible as a regularly maintained website.

In the Third Phase of the project, four communities received assistance from a national consultant team to develop concept plans for turning good streets into Great Streets.

Now in the Fourth Phase, consultants are helping three communities develop construction design documents, and assisting the five cities on Manchester Road in West County with development of a corridor plan.  See the Demonstration Projects page for information on the four projects.