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Term Definition

Transportation Improvement Program - A short-term, three-year program of transportation projects which are expected to be federally funded; these projects are drawn from and should be consistent with the long-range transportation plan.


Transit Oriented Development - Development in which land uses are designed and sited to maximize transit ridership and the use of alternative forms of transportation; TOD’s are typically also mixed-use developments.


Transportation techniques, facilities, or programs designed to slow the movement of motor vehicles.  Traffic calming typically involves changes in street alignment, installation of barriers and other physical measures to reduce traffic speeds and/or cut-through volumes in the interest of safety, livability, and other public interests.  Physical treatments may include speed tables, raised crosswalks, textured pavement, roundabouts, chicanes, curb extensions, partial roadway closures, diagonal diverters and median barriers.


Requirement that a certain percentage of the façade between 2’ and 8’ above the adjacent walkway include clear or lightly tinted glass; transparency helps to create a more comfortable and inviting pedestrian environment.


The public right-of-way between curbs, including parking lanes, travel lanes (including bus and bicycle), medians, transit stops, curb and gutter, and loading/unloading zones.

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